Find the best luxury yacht in Turkey

In a visually striking and historically rich country like Turkey, it is no wonder that tourism is a booming industry. The Mediterranean Coasts especially is quite a popular destination for vacationing and sea cruises. The most popular sea cruises are the luxury yachts called ‘gulets’ which offer a tour of the beautiful coasts of Turkey beginning from the port of Dodrum. These luxury yacht cruises involve a lot of adventurous activities like scuba diving, swimming, fishing and hiking on the nearby islands. The best thing to do here in the Mediterranean is scuba diving off the Turquoise Coast. The coastline is named after the colour of the sea water that is a beautiful hue of green.

Yacht Charter holidays for Families in turkey

DVI Marije gulet charter in Split Croati

 The gulet cruises give travellers the options of a private fully furnished yacht too where they can enjoy utmost privacy with their loved ones. There will be a support staff on such private yachts for any needs of the passengers. The crew ensures the journey is pleasant and they will also be glad to teach their passengers about the art of sailing. The other option is chartering a yacht in a group where every passenger has his own cabin and choice of itinerary.

All these and several more facilities are available on YNG Yachting that specialises on luxury yacht cruises along the Mediterranean coasts of Turkey and some of the neighbouring states too. Check their websites today and plan your itinerary accordingly. The rates for chartering even a luxury cruise through them will also be light on your pocket due to their cost effective plans.

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